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It is in those carefully-chosen finishing touches that real style lies. Whether you are buying for yourself as a well-deserved treat or looking for something a little bit different for a loved one as a gift, City Centre Bahrain will spoil you for choice. 

If you are looking for a beautifully-made scarf or Shayla, look no further than Al Zurki, who have a wide range of colours and designs to match any outfit you wear. Don’t forget that House of H has a range of stunning gold bracelets, precious gemstone earrings, and brooches, alongside varieties of exotic designs. Your fashionable look is incomplete without customising your mobile phone. Shop the variety of different phone cases to fit every phone model and complete your look.

For all those special little touches that really complete an outfit, whether it’s a glamorous look for the evening or a smart, everyday look for the office, check out the list of kiosks and stores at City Centre Bahrain below.
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