Jewellery & Watches

Fashion changes rapidly: every year and every season it seems that something new comes out. Here at City Centre Bahrain, we have a wide range of stores selling jewellery and watches, from affordable, everyday options right up to world-class luxury pieces. The outlets here stock all kinds of styles and designs, with different shapes, sizes, patterns and lengths. However, jewellery and watches tend to stay based on the same solid traditional models throughout time, and you’ll see them echoed in both classic designs and more contemporary styles for the modern age.

Perhaps you are looking for a luxury romantic gift for a loved one, or celebrating a momentous occasion. How about diamond-encrusted, exotic designs at Devji? Or perhaps Bahraini gold designs and diamond sets at Al Wazan Jewellery? Maybe you would prefer a range of precious stones and gems from all corners of the globe at Asia Jewellers. Of course, we haven’t forgotten rings, and our stores offer a range of engagement rings and wedding rings to suit every budget. There is no quicker way to make a statement about your success than wearing a luxury watch. Check out the world-famous Rolex to peruse some of the best-known and prestigious watches available. All sorts of elegant, timeless and distinguished watches are also available from many other famous stores, such as TAG Heuer, OMEGA, Boulevard Gallery, Swatch or Breitling. 

Whether you’re looking for a classic gentleman’s timepiece or a gorgeous diamond for a special occasion, check out the list of jewellery and watch stores at City Centre Bahrain below.
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