Arabian Perfumes

If you’re looking for value for money Arabian perfume for women that doesn’t cut corners when it comes to quality or the latest men’s fragrance for the modern urban man, then look no further than City Centre Bahrain. There is a wealth of perfume stores all under one roof. Shop in comfort, thanks to the air-conditioning throughout, and there’s no need to worry about parking either, as there is plenty of onsite parking available at the mall.

Abdul Samad Al Qurashi has some of the best perfumes for women and is known as the house of oud, amber and perfumes. Ajmal Perfume has something for everyone with a vast portfolio of over 200 fragrances and scents to suit all tastes. It is a class name in the Middle East as well as internationally. It is also very popular with Duty-Free outlets and Middle East airlines who showcase Ajmal products. If you desire something unique and luxurious, then head to Ghawali who stock a range of exotic Oriental fragrances. They use an exclusive layering system allowing the scent to permeate and refresh the wearer through rich base notes to light and fresh, top notes. Ghawali also offers an array of bath and body products, scented oils and precious Oud, allowing you to pamper the whole body completely.Yas Perfumes often has an impressive perfume sale, offering Arabic perfumes for women as well as some of the best fragrances for men. Rasasi is a treasure trove of oriental perfumery in a modern and sophisticated setting surrounded by gold and ivory. 

Take a look below to find the perfume stores in the mall.
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