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Bahraini Artists Interpret ‘The Art of C’ at City Centre Bahrain

Bahrain Art Society and Bahrain Talented Kid’s Society celebrate new ‘City Centre’ branding


Famous Bahraini artists from the Bahrain Art Society and children from the Bahrain Talented Kid’s Society joined together to create their own unique version of the mall’s new brand identity as part of City Centre Bahrain ’s ‘The Art of C’ project.

Each artist was partnered with one of the talented youth and assigned a blank C-shaped canvas to create their masterpiece in the Central Galleria. The art will incorporate recycled materials such as textiles, mirrors, mosaic and paints.

The workshops will run until Friday May 10th where shoppers can witness the artists at work, live.  Following the workshops, ten unique pieces of artwork which will be on display throughout City Centre Bahrain until May 18th. For more information visit