Press Release


City Centre Bahrain Radiates Patriotism for National Day

City Centre Bahrain was adorned with Bahrain flags and decorative lights in commemoration of Bahrain’s National Day and accession day on December 16th and 17th. To celebrate, the mall hosted in-mall entertainment and interactive activities to be enjoyed by families in the community.


“We express our devotion to the country through our celebratory activities within the mall, dedicated for residents in the community and visitors,” said Duaij Khalifa Al Rumaihi, Senior Mall Manager for City Centre Bahrain . “Throughout our five-year operations in the Kingdom, the country has been very supportive to our endeavours and it is only right that we give back the love and warm welcome that was given to us. We enjoyed celebrating with residents visiting the mall as families enjoyed the exciting entertainment and activities.”

Throughout the day, Bahrain flags were distributed to shoppers as they entered the mall to help spread patriotic spirit. In addition, the Symphony of Lights show was accompanied by Bahrain National songs to create a truly memorable celebratory occasion.