01 Nov 2017

Movie Night: What To See In The Cinema This Month

Book your tickets to November’s biggest film releases!


The top films to watch at Vox cinemas

The top films to watch at Vox cinemas

Get ready for a month of mega entertainment at VOX Cinemas this month as some of Hollywood’s most long-awaited films finally hit the big screen.

VOX Cinemas has numerous locations within the City Centres across the Middle East, including the largest cinema in the region at Mall of the Emirates. One of the best places to visit in Dubai, it also has the UAE’s first IMAX laser screen plus a VOX 4DX auditorium and The ThEATre by Rhodes – a luxurious experience with plush reclining seats, first class service and gourmet cuisine created by famous chef Gary Rhodes. Each dish will be cooked fresh and delivered straight to your seat to enjoy while you watch.

Scroll down below to see our pick of the top three must-watch movies over the coming weeks:



Suburbicon stars Matt Damon and Julianne Moore

Suburbicon stars Matt Damon and Julianne Moore

Welcome to Suburbicon - a peaceful, seemingly idyllic neighbourhood with beautiful homes and impossibly neat lawns. But all is not what it appears to be, as the Lodge family soon discover the dark secrets masking the town’s perfect facade. Set in the 1950s, the black comedy was directed by George Clooney and stars award-winning actors including Matt Damon, Julianne Moore and Oscar Isaac.

Release date: 2nd November



Murder On The Orient Express

Murder on the Orient Express starring Johnny Depp

Murder on the Orient Express starring Johnny Depp

From best-selling author, Agatha Christie comes the remake of this classic tale. After a gruesome murder, a group of strangers stranded on the train must figure out who the killer is before it’s too late. With lead roles played by Johnny Depp, Michelle Pfeiffer and Daisy Ridley, this crime/mystery film will give moviegoers a thrilling and suspense ride.

Release date: 9th November


Justice League

Justice League is set to be a superhero film of epic proportions

Justice League is set to be a superhero film of epic proportions

With an all-star cast featuring your favourite superheroes (including Ben Affleck as Batman, Gal Gadot in her Wonder Woman role and Aquaman played by Jason Momoa), this hotly anticipated blockbuster will no doubt reign at the box office. Comic book and action fans will be on the edge of their seats as Bruce Wayne and his newfound ally, Diana Prince, recruit a team of heroes to join forces in fighting a powerful enemy. 

Release date: 16th November


16 Oct 2017

Saturday night (or any night!) at the movies

Grab your popcorn and book your tickets - Vox cinema’s latest movies are going to be a sell-out…

After a long, hot summer – the blockbusters are back! And while some of the films may look familiar (with a sequel and a remake sharing top billing) we can promise a whole new slice of the action.
Old-fashioned cinema sign
Blade Runner 2049

Picking up thirty years after the first film, a new blade runner LAPD officer K (Ryan Gosling) uncovers a deep secret that has the potential to plunge what’s left of society into utter chaos. Driven by his desire to save humanity, the naïve rookie begins a quest to track down former LAPD blade runner (Harrison Ford in fighting form) the man who he believes can help him save society. The only problem – he’s been missing for thirty years.

Release date: 5th October
Blade Runner 2049

One of the most controversial films of the season, Mother! unites Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence with Bond baddie Javier Bardem in a tense psychological thriller about the unravelling of a couple’s relationship. On one level the story is simple – a woman renovating her home while her partner writes a book finds their tranquil existence threatened by the arrival of uninvited visitors. But as their relationship unravels into a harrowing tale of twisted devotion and sacrifice, critics have chosen to interpret the film as a commentary on anything from relationships to climate change. You will either love it or hate it, but you should definitely see it.

Release date: 19th October
 Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem in Mother!

Thor: Ragnarok

Chris Hemsworth is back in swashbuckling form but this time around, he’s lost his hammer (and his hair). Following the events of the previous film, Thor finds himself imprisoned on the other side of the universe. Escaping proves to the be the least of his problems though – once he’s free, the mighty mountain of muscle has to engage in a gladiatorial contest against his former ally and fellow Avenger - The Incredible Hulk - in order to take on arch villain Hela and save his homeworld from destruction.

Release date: 2nd November
Thor star Chris Hemsworth

03 Oct 2017

Movie Night: The Anticipated Blockbuster Films to Watch in the Cinema This Month

You will not want to miss these hotly anticipated films on in the cinema this month.


The best films to watch at the cinema


There’s a whole host of action-packed new flicks to enjoy at VOX Cinemas.

VOX Cinemas has numerous locations within the City Centres across the Middle East, including the largest cinema in the region at Mall of the Emirates. One of the best places to visit in Dubai, it also boats the UAE’s first IMAX laser screen plus a VOX 4DX auditorium and The ThEATre by Rhodes – a luxurious experience with plush reclining seats, first class service, and gourmet cuisine created by famous chef Gary Rhodes. Each dish will be cooked fresh and delivered straight to your seat to enjoy while you watch.

Scroll down below to see our pick of the top three must-watch movies…



 The scariest film you will watch this year

A seriously creepy remake of the classic horror film, Stephen King’s IT tells the terrifying tale of a corrupt clown (played by the talented Bill Skarsgård) as he hunts a group of kids. The movie smashed industry records with the third largest opening weekend of 2017. However, be warned, you’ll need a manicure post movie if you are a nervous nail biter – it is certainly a tense watch.


The Hitman's Bodyguard


The best action and comedy film to watch


With an all-star cast including Salma Hayek, Ryan Reynolds, Samuel L Jackson, and Gary Oldman, this action/comedy follows a top protection agent who must guard his mortal enemy, the world's most notorious hitman. Expect plenty of explosions, fight scenes and even a few laughs along the way.


The Beguiled


The Beguiled, a film about dangerous rivalries by director Sofia Coppola


The long-awaited new film from director Sofia Coppola (of Marie Antoinette and The Bling Ring fame) has finally hit the big screen. Starring Nicole Kidman, Kirsten Dunst, and Elle Fanning, The Beguiled tells a tale of jealousy, betrayal, and revenge as a group of students take in a wounded Union soldier (played by Colin Farrell) during the American Civil War.

Visit VOX Cinemas at Mall of the Emirates, City Centre Ajman, City Centre Fujairah, City Centre Deira, City Centre Mirdif, City Centre Muscat, City Centre Qurum, City Centre Beirut, City Centre Al Shindagha, and Mall of Egypt.

03 Oct 2016

5 of the Best Activities in Bahrain

Looking for things to do in Bahrain? This country has a rich past and heritage that’s still alive today. But history...may not be everyone’s cup of tea.
Luckily, like a pearl in an oyster, Bahrain also holds a wealth of modern attractions. Some of these are at City Centre Bahrain, one of the premier shopping malls in Bahrain.  If you’re in the country and looking for a fun, relaxing time, you should add the following activities to your bucket list.

Take off to Magic Planet
Lose yourself in one of the best entertainment centers in the region. Magic Planet is packed with activities for kids and grown-up kids - including a children's play area where they can crawl, jump, swing and slide, the latest electronic video games, skill games, prize games, and activities and contests throughout the year.

Dive into Wahooo! Waterpark
Come on over to the first indoor-outdoor water park in the Middle East. With an area of 15,000 square meters, it's the perfect water-fest with attractions and rides of various thrill levels, including Lazy River (slow and easy), Wave Pool (medium thrills), Master Blaster (for the nerves of steel), and Flow Rider (for the pros).

Score a victory at Yalla! Bowling Lanes and Lounge
Fun fact: the Americans did not invent bowling; it originated five thousand years ago in Egypt. Bowling is also one of a handful of sports in which people of all ages can compete. So head over to Yalla! Bowling Lanes and Lounge for some family fun and exercise.

Join the City Walkers
Torn between shopping and workouts? Do both! City Centre Bahrain's ‘City Walkers' fitness program gives you the opportunity to work out while you window shop. Participants meet three times a week and are carefully supervised by a certified personal trainer. No age restrictions, no sign-ups. It's also an enjoyable way to make new friends.
One of the charms of Bahrain is its relatively low-key appeal. Take the time to dig deeper, and you’ll discover that this beautiful country has something for everyone.

01 Oct 2016

On a Day Out in Bahrain

Bahrain offers a lot in terms of entertainment options and leisure destinations. Whatever be your preferred form of relaxation or amusement, you’ll find it in the Island of Pearls.

If you’re out and about in the capital city of Manama, planning a day of R&R, City Centre Bahrain could be the perfect destination for you. Below we explore some of the best entertainment activities that Bahrain has to offer.

Wahooo! Waterpark
Wahooo! Is one of the most modern and futuristic waterparks in the Middle East. Spread over 15,000 square-meters, it comes packed with games, rides, slides, pools and more. Designed on a theme of “sub-tropical paradise”, the waterpark features a moored schooner at its heart.

Wahooo! Waterpark is a great place for all people from all age groups.  The park has 30% outdoor activities and 70% indoors and ensures a delightful experience in all weathers. The temperature-controlled swimming pools adds to this factor.

There is a multi-level fortress, an abundance of games and a toddler pool for the younger kids who might not be able to enjoy the rides due to safety restrictions. Every Wednesday, the waterpark hosts a ladies night that runs from 5:00 in the evening to 10:00 next morning.

The water park also features a wave pool, a lazy river, a retail store and a restaurant. There is also a large party room designed Wahoo Waterpark to host corporate events, birthday parties and more

Wahooo! Waterpark can definitely offer you many hours of entertainment, whether you’re looking to splash around in the water or just lounge out by the pool. And since it's a part of City Centre Bahrain, once you’ve had your fill of the waterpark, you can always bounce next door for a few hours of shopping, catch the latest blockbuster or visit your favourite eat-out.

Magic Planet
As the name might suggest, this is another world of magical family entertainment. Magic Planet is packed with tons of exciting and engaging games, adventurous rides, and a futuristic 4D theatre. Whether you’re seeking a rush of adrenaline for the kids or even yourself, Magic Planet is the place to be.

Cineco20 Cinemas
How about some popcorn and blockbuster to peak your day? Cineco20 Cinemas, at City Centre Bahrain, is an expansive 20-screen movie entertainment plaza that’s spread over 8,000 square metres. It also includes two 2 VIP screens that offer you a remarkably luxurious and captivating cinematic experience withcutting-edge surround sound technology.

So, if you're out in Bahrain with you friends or family and wondering what to do and where to go for a day of fun and entertainment, look no further than City Centre Bahrain.

17 Feb 2016

Bahrain The sunny side up

Say goodbye to sunburn

Bahrain is known for its azure waters and captivating shoreline. However, the chilly winters and hot summers of the region often plays spoilsport when it comes to a good old outing. But now with Wahooo! Water Park at City Centre Bahrain, you can have a whale of time indoors. With its advanced climate controlling techniques, Wahooo! is the perfect place to spend a lazy day without worrying about summers and winters. Whether you want some action packed thriller rides or just laze by the pool, Wahooo! is equipped to fulfill all your whims and fancies. Occupying a vast area of 15,000 square meters, the most popular rides in Wahooo! are Sidewinder, Matt Racer, Rain Fortress and a stunning indoor wave pool. Babies are well taken care of at the facility by the toddlers’ pool. While 70 percent of the park remains indoors, Wahooo!also does offer a chance for you to have fun in the warm Bahraini weather in its outdoor pools and slides. When all the action gets you hungry, be sure to check out the outdoor picnic area at the park to enjoy a meal with a view. Themed after a sub-tropical paradise, the park is designed to live up toall the fun that it promises. Millions of visitors from around the world flock Wahooo! Water Park Bahrainall through the year and is certainly the one of the top destinationsfor some super-fun family entertainment.

A jolly ride with the dolphins

You might not be greeted by jumping dolphins in the waters of the Persian Gulf that surrounds Bahrain. Doesn’t be disheartened though you will surely find them at the Bahrain Dolphin Resort. This is the perfect place for an aquatic adventure. Spend the day watching dolphins perform graceful tricks and what more; they even dance for you! Fun hits a whole new level as these intelligent sea creatures take you for a joyride.

The “reel” fun of Bahrain

What’s better than a 20 screen cinema with an amazing surround sound system when you are looking for some pure entertainment? Cineco20, owned and managed by Bahrain Cinema Company is so far the best among the cinemas in Bahrain. Cineco20 is also one of the first theatres in the region to get the state-of-the-art Dolby Atmos system. Cineco20 promises a movie experience that’s breathtakingly realistic. Indulge yourself in the finest of luxury at the VIP screens of Cineco20. Tailor-made to meet your expectations, the personalized services and private movie viewing at the VIP cinemas of Cineco20 is on par with international standards of excellence. Treat yourself to the varied and sumptuous menu of crepes and other snacks at the multiplex and you will see what the fuss about Cineco is all about! One movie at Cineco is guaranteed to alter your perception of entertainment. So what are you doing this Friday night?

Grab a quick bite in Bahrain

Fun times are more than shopping or the movies. Some guilt free window shopping with a carton of fresh French fries is probably the best way to spend a lazy day. Grab a pack of flavorsome French fries from New York Fries and munch away as you enjoy the hustle and bustle of the streets of Bahrain. Or even better some fire-grilled hamburgers from Burger King, Bahrain are bound to be a delicious treat too. Get your hands on some hand blended Chilattas from Cinnabon Bahrain to wash it down and there, Bahrain just made your day! From KFC to the authentic grills of the Middle East, you name it and Bahrain has a lavish spread laid out for you at the numerous fast food chains that dot the island. It even has options for vegans at Vanelli, Bahrain with sumptuous salads and pasta.

Down the Fashion Alley in Bahrain

While duty-free seems to be synonym for shopping in Bahrain, what you should really look for are the anchor stores. Premium brands across the world are fighting their way to Bahrain as they realize that this island nation appreciates high fashion more than any other place in the world. From Debenhams to Saks Fifth Avenue, most luxury brands have found their home in Bahrain. All the latest collections, be it spring, summer or fall, and you’ll find that the shelves are always well-stocked with the all the latest designs and trends.

Adventure awaits

If thrill is what defines entertainment for you, you will enjoy the range of activities from kayaking to camel rides at Bahrain’s pristine beaches. However, if you are looking for some indoor action packed fun, Magic Planet, Bahrain has spine-tingling rides. The Magic Planet for something for everyone in the family, from easy rides for kids and adrenaline boosters for the adults. Chill out with your best buds at the billiards table or you can try your hand at pin bowling. Defined as the complete family entertainment destination, you can easily forget about your daily grind because the place is sure to spin its magic around you.

Let Bahrain take charge of your weekends and leisure times. The new Bahrain is a world of promises and life in this island nation is bound to be a fulfilling, exciting and fun adventure all the way.

01 Sep 2015

The real life of Bahrain

How do you know what’s real and what’s part of the reel life? When it comes to watching cinemas in Bahrain, it’s hard to make out the difference with the real-life viewing experience available for movie goers at Bahrain. Add a bit of drama, lights and action, and you’ll have people flocking to the theaters to catch up on the latest blockbusters at the state-of-the-art cinemas in the region.

So what makes watching movies in Bahrain a unique experience? Watching movies with your family is always a special and exciting experience. The anticipation, the talks during the ride to the movie hall and the popcorn adds to the thrill before sitting down for the movie. Movie goers at Bahrain are sure to find an enhanced cinema experience. There are many options when it comes to picking a theater with plush, push back seats, individual viewing galleries, exclusive comfort that outmatches other cinemas and of course a surround sound experience that simply out of this world.

A Treat for Cinema Goers

Nothing beats a show at the cinema when you want to unwind from the daily grind. Cineco20 Cinemas at City Centre Bahrain is the best place to watch your favourite films. The 20-screen Cineco takes movie-watching to the next level by making it bigger, better, louder, clearer and more comfortable than anything you've experienced before. Cineco20 is equipped with the most perfect surround sound technology and promises to be the ultimate treat to your senses.

VIP Screens

The two VIP screens at Cineco20 will elevate your perception of movie watching to a whole new level. With the plushest and comfiest reclining seats and a hostess to serve you caramel popcorn, Cineco20 takes movie viewing to the ultimate heights of luxury. The VIP screens even have a special lounge for you relax before your show begins.

Book Online

You can easily book your movie tickets online anytime, anywhere and from any mobile device for any show at Cineco20, City Centre Bahrain. You can choose the movie you want to watch, your choice of seats and the show timing when you make your booking online.

Movies for Everyone

Movie buffs in Bahrain need not go anywhere to catch the latest blockbusters. Be it the biggest Hollywood releases of the year or the best animated movies that your kids have been raving about, the Cineco20, the 20-screen multiplex at City Centre brings the best of cinema for your movie watching pleasure.

Kids Days Out

Your little one’s birthday coincides with the release of the latest edition of his favourite Minions? Make it a party at the Cineco20, with a birthday like no other. Your kids and their friends get to watch their tiny heroes and you have the hassle of party planning off your back. With a multi-cuisine food court to cater to all their whims and fancies, your kids and their buddies are bound to have the best birthday party they ever had.

Thriller, Horror or Sci-fi

If hair raising thrillers, sci-fi dramas and horror movies that raise a scream are your kind of movie fun, then you can head to Cineco20 to catch the best of them. From the latest edition of Mission Impossible to the Fantastic Four, you won’t be left behind. You just need to grab your bucket of buttered popcorn or your favourite nachos to munch away as the reels of non-stop; edge of the seat action and drama unfolds on the screen. The state of the art surround sound technology will make the movie larger than life be it sci-fi, horror or thriller.

Movies for the Expat Community

Bahrain is home to expats from all over the world. With the expat population that is close to one-fifth of this tiny island nation’s 1.3 million habitants, leisure activities especially cinema from around the world are screened at all the cinema halls in Manama and the surrounding suburbs. The largest expat community is Indian, especially from the southern states of India. You can catch the latest releases of Bollywood, the most recent Malayalam flicks and the biggest blockbusters of Tamil and Telgu film industry like the epic Bahubali at Cineco20 at the City Centre Bahrain. Cineco also features the latest Arabic movie releases from the Middle East region, like Egyptian and Lebanese movies.

The western expats in Bahrain are not left without choice either, as the latest Hollywood films make it to the film screens at Cineco20 within days of their US release.

Bahraini Cinema

Home-grown Bahraini cinema is still in its nascency. The man from Muharraq, Mohammed Rashed Bu Ali is perhaps the most prolific of the film makers of cinema in Bahrain. His films present traditional Bahraini in a whole different angle with poetic fragments, paradoxes, and elaborate metaphors. His films weave in simple stories and resemble the oral folklore of Bahrain’s yore. Bu Ali’s films have been screened at international film festivals around the world. Bahrain’s Ministry of Culture has given further thrust to home grown Bahraini cinema with the establishment of the new Bahrain Film Fund. You can also catch the latest releases from the Arab world on your weekend movie night out at City Centre Bahrain.

There is no dearth of options when it comes to movie goers in Bahrain. No other place in the world adds a dash of drama even while watching a movie like Bahrain. So head out with your family to the best cinema in Bahrain for an experience like never before.

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