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Bahrain The sunny side up

Say goodbye to sunburn

Bahrain is known for its azure waters and captivating shoreline. However, the chilly winters and hot summers of the region often plays spoilsport when it comes to a good old outing. But now with Wahooo! Water Park at City Centre Bahrain, you can have a whale of time indoors. With its advanced climate controlling techniques, Wahooo! is the perfect place to spend a lazy day without worrying about summers and winters. Whether you want some action packed thriller rides or just laze by the pool, Wahooo! is equipped to fulfill all your whims and fancies. Occupying a vast area of 15,000 square meters, the most popular rides in Wahooo! are Sidewinder, Matt Racer, Rain Fortress and a stunning indoor wave pool. Babies are well taken care of at the facility by the toddlers’ pool. While 70 percent of the park remains indoors, Wahooo!also does offer a chance for you to have fun in the warm Bahraini weather in its outdoor pools and slides. When all the action gets you hungry, be sure to check out the outdoor picnic area at the park to enjoy a meal with a view. Themed after a sub-tropical paradise, the park is designed to live up toall the fun that it promises. Millions of visitors from around the world flock Wahooo! Water Park Bahrainall through the year and is certainly the one of the top destinationsfor some super-fun family entertainment.

A jolly ride with the dolphins

You might not be greeted by jumping dolphins in the waters of the Persian Gulf that surrounds Bahrain. Doesn’t be disheartened though you will surely find them at the Bahrain Dolphin Resort. This is the perfect place for an aquatic adventure. Spend the day watching dolphins perform graceful tricks and what more; they even dance for you! Fun hits a whole new level as these intelligent sea creatures take you for a joyride.

The “reel” fun of Bahrain

What’s better than a 20 screen cinema with an amazing surround sound system when you are looking for some pure entertainment? Cineco20, owned and managed by Bahrain Cinema Company is so far the best among the cinemas in Bahrain. Cineco20 is also one of the first theatres in the region to get the state-of-the-art Dolby Atmos system. Cineco20 promises a movie experience that’s breathtakingly realistic. Indulge yourself in the finest of luxury at the VIP screens of Cineco20. Tailor-made to meet your expectations, the personalized services and private movie viewing at the VIP cinemas of Cineco20 is on par with international standards of excellence. Treat yourself to the varied and sumptuous menu of crepes and other snacks at the multiplex and you will see what the fuss about Cineco is all about! One movie at Cineco is guaranteed to alter your perception of entertainment. So what are you doing this Friday night?

Grab a quick bite in Bahrain

Fun times are more than shopping or the movies. Some guilt free window shopping with a carton of fresh French fries is probably the best way to spend a lazy day. Grab a pack of flavorsome French fries from New York Fries and munch away as you enjoy the hustle and bustle of the streets of Bahrain. Or even better some fire-grilled hamburgers from Burger King, Bahrain are bound to be a delicious treat too. Get your hands on some hand blended Chilattas from Cinnabon Bahrain to wash it down and there, Bahrain just made your day! From KFC to the authentic grills of the Middle East, you name it and Bahrain has a lavish spread laid out for you at the numerous fast food chains that dot the island. It even has options for vegans at Vanelli, Bahrain with sumptuous salads and pasta.

Down the Fashion Alley in Bahrain

While duty-free seems to be synonym for shopping in Bahrain, what you should really look for are the anchor stores. Premium brands across the world are fighting their way to Bahrain as they realize that this island nation appreciates high fashion more than any other place in the world. From Debenhams to Saks Fifth Avenue, most luxury brands have found their home in Bahrain. All the latest collections, be it spring, summer or fall, and you’ll find that the shelves are always well-stocked with the all the latest designs and trends.

Adventure awaits

If thrill is what defines entertainment for you, you will enjoy the range of activities from kayaking to camel rides at Bahrain’s pristine beaches. However, if you are looking for some indoor action packed fun, Magic Planet, Bahrain has spine-tingling rides. The Magic Planet for something for everyone in the family, from easy rides for kids and adrenaline boosters for the adults. Chill out with your best buds at the billiards table or you can try your hand at pin bowling. Defined as the complete family entertainment destination, you can easily forget about your daily grind because the place is sure to spin its magic around you.

Let Bahrain take charge of your weekends and leisure times. The new Bahrain is a world of promises and life in this island nation is bound to be a fulfilling, exciting and fun adventure all the way.

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