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A Spoonful of Bahrain

We help you with the tasty task of eating out at the best restaurants in Bahrain.

Hardees Bahrain

When you feel like binging on some delicious fast food, Hardees Bahrain is where you should head for. Both their outlets at City Centre Bahrain and home delivery services have been rated among the finest fast food services in Bahrain.  Quite famous for their Biscuit sandwiches, these ingenious creations have fried bologna and Velveeta cheese and smoky sauce. Other favourites from Hardees Bahrain include the original, much-loved Frisco burger, Big Roast Beef burger, and the delicious, crumbly Big Cookies.

Krispy Kreme Bahrain

Are you in the mood for the best glazed donuts in town? Then look no further than the Krispy Kreme at City Centre Bahrain. From delicious chocolate ice glazed donuts to blueberry flavors, the sumptuous variety of doughnuts at Krispy Kreme Bahrain defines pure joy for a donut aficionado. Make sure to try out the creamy, rich New York Cheesecake donut that brings together the best of your love for donuts with a popular flavor. Pick up a cup of coffee while you are choosing your delicious 12 pack of donuts. Because what’s a donut without a hot cup of coffee to go with it?

Starbucks Bahrain

Starbucks, the iconic coffee shop is a favourite with both locals and expats in Bahrain. The legacy built from a single store in Seattle; coffees made from freshly ground whole beans is what sets Starbucks a class apart from the regular cafés in town. You can enjoy your daily dose of caffeine along with a wide range of delectable snacks from Starbucks Bahrain at City Centre Bahrain.

Chili's Bahrain

With its eclectic Tex and Mex style, Chili's is always keen on innovation. Whether you want to savor the goodness of a guacamole burger or some well-seasoned Ranchero Chicken Tacos, Chili's will surely thrill your taste buds with its healthy yet toothsome offerings.

Burger King Bahrain

Burger King has been the definition of hamburgers for many over the last few decades. Anyone who has ever tasted their Whopper Burger, is bound to rush back craving for more. While you are there, make it a point to try out the all new French toast sticks and mini muffins.

Baskin Robins Bahrain

It is okay to crave for something new every day. Especially when it’s something from Baskin Robins. With its famous 31 flavors policy, Baskin Robins Bahrain loves to thrill you with a new flavor any given day. The exotic range of flavors available at Baskin Robins includes Red bean. Black Currant, Coconut Grove and so much more. If you are looking for an excuse to try out something from Baskin Robins, try the ice cream birthday cake from the ice cream experts.

Sugoi Bahrain

The “when in Rome” wisdom may not always work while convincing your tummy to eat something ordinary. You could be in Bahrain and totally crave for some Japanese delicacies. With divine soups, salads, sushis and sashimis, Japanese cuisine is defined by for simple yet delicious dishes. Experience the best of Japanese cuisine in Bahrain at Sugoi Bahrain. Never failing to bring the ‘wow’ factor in its menu, the teriyaki, tempura and teppanyaki varieties of Sugoi are the perfect treat for your senses.

IHOP Bahrain

Who wouldn't love trading their boring morning cereal for some fluffy omelets and soft and cushiony buttermilk pancakes? The list doesn't end there. IHOP Bahrain has an eye-popping, mouth-watering range of everything continental in their delectable breakfast menu. The flavorsome burgers, juicy steaks, and freshly baked bread at IHOP is going win your heart any given time of the day. Enjoy the unique style of an American diner right in the middle of Bahrain with IHOP Bahrain.

Let’s take it to the streets

Take a tour around the string of tiny little shops among the fragrant spices markets at Bab Al Bahrain to discover the joys of Bahraini street food. Explore a world beyond sheesh kebabs with the delicate Bahraini spread of home cooked stews along with authentic Machboos and Muhammar. You can enjoy traditional Bahraini hospitality at its best here and the cuisine is guaranteed to be an absolute delight to your senses.

Little Caesars Pizza, Bahrain

Pizza has become an indispensable part of our lives.  Head over to Little Caesars Pizza, Bahrain to taste the secret recipe that has been winning over customers’ for last 50 years. A balanced blend and exotic ingredients on freshly baked pizza bread will definitely spice up your weekend.

So what are you waiting for? Go on a culinary adventure unlike any other while you are in Bahrain. Because in the Kingdom of Bahrain, we believe in feasting like a king!

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